The true face of flash games

Update : SwiffOut the extension for playing flash games full screen is now available at

Games are about immersion. Yes flash games too !

Some days ago, I was listening at the Channel 9 Corrinne Yu interview. She’s Halo technical director, has incredible insights on the game industry in general. Have a look at the video if you haven’t, you’ll see what passionate means. One of the question she answered during the interview was : does the focus on graphism in current games has a negative impact on gameplay in video games ?

While I was internally agreeing with the implicit opinion within the question, she turned me back. I can’t remember the exact wording, but in essence it was : Great graphisms enable greater immersion, avoid breaking the illusion of the game and as such increase the fun.

Here is what flash games look like right now :


Kongregate it a great website. I could have choosen way worse.

But, immersive ? Hu ? There is way too much glitches: taskbar, tabs, bookmarks, ads, chat…

Imagine watching a movie with the light on, the fridge buzzing in the background, and your girlfriend doing the dishes (hum, hum ). Nice… but not immersive. This is the current online gaming experience.

We have grown so accustumed that this is what flash games look like that we can’t even believe that flash games can be good. Are we too hard on flash games ? We love to hate flash, we even have dreams about replacing it with HTML5. It is an incredible gaming platform though, with many libraries, nice tools, and a very large number of players. We should love that.

Let’s remove the clutter :

![This is the true face of flash games](

This is what flash games should look like, their true face. And actually,  this is real. I build it.

This is and will be SwiffoutGames – HD Online Games.

This screenshot is your whole screen, not a captured window. To get this, the issue is not flash. The issue is the browser. The browser is simply not suitable for playing games. It is aimed at browsing – we can’t blame it, that’s it’s purpose after all. There is no way to fix flash games that much in the browser.

SwiffoutGames introduces a new thick client that interacts with our website to enable an immersive full screen mode for flash games. Press a button and we make flash games feel and look like desktop games. It’s not a flash game maximizer, it goes beyond that. The thick client switch the screen resolution to preserve speed and game quality and run the game in its own process. You can even save a shortcut to a game and put it on your desktop. But we do this while retaining all the distribution capability of the web and integration with the arcade ecosystem. We get the best of both world.

If you don’t know anything about flash games, or generally think they are crap, here is a selection of flash games that I really like. Flash games are often focused around one gaming mechanic idea. These one are a little more advanced. Here are my recent favorites : Final Ninja, Trap Master, Cursed Treasure, Inferno