Is 600 hours the length of an idea ?

There is a concensus on ideas being somewhat unimportant, motivation seems to be a way more important factor in success.

So are ideas unimportant ?

Some weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that even if ideas are unimportant from a business point, they still are important for yourself. The first point of an idea is to motivate you. Your idea is for you. You have to love it enough to keep working on it for a while. How could you flip on the winner switch otherwise ?. The “startup for the rest us of” podcast seems to consider that beyond 600 hours you are unlikely to release your project. Is 600 hours the length of an idea in an average mind ?

If this is true, that might actually be an interesting metric to decide when to stop working on something. Work 600 hours, including a bit of promotion, get feedbacks, and stop after 600 hours if it doesn’t stick. Beyond that, you need positive feedback.