Inside the SwiffOut experiment : first sells…

The first announce of SwiffOut was the 6th may.

So far, I talked about SwiffOut on various forums, donationcoder first, then two french forum. DC members are very supportive, while the two french one are more critics about paying software. Cultural differences ? I haven’t a french version of the website, so this might be an issue too.

DC generated 5 sales, one at $9.90 and three more in the day after I reduced the price to $3 and more than 40 visits. The $9.90 was probably a sympathy sell, but is cool anyway, it help finance the project. DC kindly add me to the DC newsletter and that contribute to greater exposure. Given that the trial period hasn’t ended I hope to get some extra sells in 30 days approximatly. The last sell occured very recently so this may confirm some silent users.

$3 price translate in $2.53 after the paypal fees. Not a lot of money, but it’s not that bad, I always heard that paypal fee were way too high for selling micropayment. It isn’t worse than selling iphone apps. I asked every customer after the sell and each would confirm that they would have pay $5 as well, so I’ll probably increase the price a bit afterall. Hurry up customers if you’d like to pay the $3 offer.

A final word about this project, is that I finally have something to blog about.  I’ve always wanted to blog, but the only subjects I had in mind were related to my work day and I couldn’t talk about them.

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