Inside the SwiffOut experiment : Services…

Even though it is possible to implement automatic licences delivery using paypal API, I paid for “e-junkie” service and I’m a really happy customer.  You can customize all sort of things, like emails, landing pages, licences, etc…  I’ve only used a few but it’s really good service.

I’ve stupidly taken hosting service from godaddy, having been cheated by fake promotion. So I paid something like $90 for hosting + domain name for a way too big server plan. I feared a bit that I couldn’t connect my domain name with my host service, but now I think that was stupid. So cheaty marketing works but only so so. I’ll do all the bad publicity I could to them. They also have very bad practice of telling me that my plan is about to expire, when it’s only expiring in 8month or so.

I think I’ll go for ‘a small orange’ when my plan end up. Reddit vox populi win.

I was pretty happy with the design of the website, but nobody told me anything about it. May be nobody gives a damn about the design of website. May be we shouldn’t care too much about that.

Facebook like is a cheap way to get more customer exposure. Like generated one extra visit at no cost. Ok, the visitor just quit immediatly.

Google analytics is useful at getting some knowledge about what users do on the website. I discovered today that I can track downloads with it too :

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