Qatapult is a clone of the idea of Quicksilver, the amazing MacOS productivity app. I only played once with it and derive most things from the youtube videos about it. For a quick preview, have a look at the video make by a Donationcoder member. Qatapult evolved a little bit after that video but it’s still very close to that. Qatapult is available here.


Oric1JS is a Oric 1 emulator. It was the first computer I owned, given by my uncle. It’s part of what sparkle my interest in computing. For fun, I tried to build a 6502 emulator, then after having found an old manual about internals of the Oric1 inside my parents house, it evolved into a limited Oric1 emulator. It’s fast enough to boot ROM, get a prompt and type some commands. It was fun to build I a quite like the result. Github code is here.

Oric1 prompt


SwiffOut is a browser addon that enable you to play flash games as if they were desktop games. It pick the resolution that best fit the game, switch the desktop to that resolution and display the game in a gorgeous full screen without horrible lag. Swiffout has it’s own website here.


FScript is an addon to the FARR keyboard launcher. FScript allow to write FARR plugin in JScript or VBScript. It uses activescripting to create a wrapper between the native plugin system of FARR and the script language. 30+ plugins were written with it for FARR. Fscript forum can be found here.