Qatapult : A fairy tale for the 99%

In my high tower I was brushing my hairs, singing and waiting for a proud coder to come and port that whole horrible objective-C codebase to a new beautiful Windows c++ project. Quicksilver was it’s name.

That’s a fairy guys ok ? So that’s ok to say that c++ is beautiful there.

It’s sharp moves were a legend and troubadours like Merlin Mann and others sing its accomplishments.

Many nights came and went and that proud coder sadly never came. Quicksilver was still locked in his walled garden were never an apple got eaten by more than bite. I was in love with these three panes and dreamed of deploying them in more dimensions.

[NANY]( the challenge to release new app for the new year was coming, asking for an always larger price of new young and innocent apps. Each year, the price was higher. I saw that the piece would be to the taste of the beast. I threw my forces in the battle, building and crafting bytes and pixels out the keyboard. [Iconfinder]( proved to
be a strong ally, bringing it’s carefully referenced free icons adding flavor
to the project.

Legions were sacrified to the monster, but Qatapult was so large that the beast of
the new year couldn’t eat it all alive.

There I am, NANY is over, and Qatapult, my sweet 3 pane launcher is pursuing it’s quest of being the sweet graphical launcher that Quicksilver is in some other land. There walks Qatapult, grabbing new features as it’s creator feels the need for them.

Qatapult is the Quicksilver of the 99%, it’s rewrite for Windows rather than a port. If you’re a fan of keyboard launchers and you tried all of them on Windows you’d like it probably.

You can get it here

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